We Check In On How Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour Is Going

Taylor Swift Main Tour

Taylor Swift has officially kicked off her 1989 World Tour with two back to back shows in Tokyo this week. The country-turned-pop singer is giving fans a bit of a sneak peek as to what they can expect when the 1989 Tour rolls into their city, including outfits, song arrangements and some Rock and Roll.

Taylor seems pretty excited to be with her new 1989 crew, posting pics with her group of male dancers and the band.

Rather than starting the tour in a smaller venue to work out the kinks, Swift kicked things off by playing for 55,000 strong in Tokyo. That means there has been some serious preparation for this gig.

The view that took my breath away…55,000 strong. #1989TourTokyo

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Even with a crowd of this magnitude, Swift appears intent on continuing her close relationship with fans, even if that just means posting pics of her spending time rocking out with them.

I was so happy tonight. See you next time, Tokyo. Next up, we bring the whole '89 show to Rockin Rio in Vegas…..

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Swift is changing things up for 1989, revamping her huge hit single We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together with a rock makeover. Has Taylor finally entered her Jagged Little Pill era? Oooooooo this is amazing!

We can pretty much assume what song this set is being used for…

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There’s going to be some club twirling. We repeat, there’s going to be some club twirling.

There will also be some glow sticks.


Dancers! Dancers everywhere!


And just in case you were considering showing up late for the 1989 Tour, here’s a cover of Swift’s opener Vance Joy covering Taylor’s I Know Places. #Allofthechills.