We Check In On Kanye West As A Teacher on RateMyProfessor.com

After a physical altercation with a paparazzi landed Kanye West in court this past March, the musician was sentenced to 250 hours of community service, which he is currently serving as a Professor at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College. Essentially, he’s become Emilio Estevez in the The Mighty Ducks trilogy.

Famous for being a college dropout, we thought we would check in on how Professor West is fairing in the academic world. We looked him up on RateMyProfessor.com* and here’s what some of his students have to say a few weeks into their first semester.

Class: Fashion

Prof: Kanye West

Comments: Mr. West is pretty lenient with projects being handed in late, but any time you ask a question and he doesn’t hear you correctly he answers like this. It’s a bit distracting. Plus, he interrupts everyone’s presentations by saying “My presentation on Goodnight Moon in Grade Three was the greatest presentation of all time!” I doubt it was THAT good.

Grade Received: A K+, which he says is better than an A+, but I don’t think my Grad School applications will agree.

Class: Fashion

Prof: Yeezus

Comments: Yooooooooo, Yeezus was in the building son! I mean, he was late to be in the building each week, but you know, it’s cool. Sometimes he would just stand at the front of the class for 45 minutes and deliver his wedding speech, but it’s all good! Faaaam!

Grade Received: Wasn’t even in the class, but still quit my job, missed my other classes and failed out just to praise Yeezus every Tuesday and Thursday.

Class: Stylez

Prof: Mr. West

Comments: We asked Mr. West to supervise the Fall Prom and he said “Ugh, this that prom shit. This that what we do, don’t tell your mom shit. This that red cup, all on the lawn shit. Got a fresh cut, straight out the salon, bitch.” Then he said he would bring the punch, so that was cool.

Grade Received: We all got A’s as long as we promised to tweet that ‘Kanye West invented leather leggings for men’, even though I don’t know why anyone would want to claim that look.

Class: High Fashion

Prof: Mr. Kardashian

Comments: If he gives you a multiple choice test the answer is always ‘K’.

Grade Received: The only thing on my final report was a coupon for 5% off all Kardashian Kollection at Sears, which I guess I can give to my mom.

Class: Learning About Steeze

Prof: Jay Z’s Bestie

Comments: I would recommend taking Mr. West’s class, but make sure you get the study guide. Anytime there’s a question and he doesn’t know the answer he just says ‘What would Hov do?’ and then changes the subject. Also, try to buy his textbook off someone who has taken his class. It’s gold plated and costs $9,800 and is super heavy to carry around.

Grade Received: He drew a picture of five hands making a diamond shape on my final project, so I think I passed?

*Not really