We Need To Talk About Tori Kelly’s Grammy Eyeroll

Tori Kelly

The 2016 Grammy awards aired live from LA’s Staples Center tonight and featured no shortage of star-studded performances. Actually, there was a bit of a shortage when Rhianna canceled at the last minute, but somehow artists still got booted in the middle of their speeches. The Grammys need to either add a six hour extension or start delivering awards with T-shirt cannon guns.

One person who got a very big award was Taylor Swift. Accepting the award for Album of the Year, Swift became the only woman to ever achieve this milestone twice. It was undoubtedly a big night for the country-turned-pop singer, who also opened the show with the performance of Out Of the Woods. But aren’t all award shows big nights for Taylor Swift?

During her acceptance speech for Album of the Year, a quick camera pan to the audience revealed a very unimpressed looking Tori Kelly. Like. Not. Having. It.

Eye roll

So what was Tori Kelly thinking?

Of course the answer to this could be a million things. Maybe she wished she had packed snacks for a three and a half hour show. Maybe she had been up since 5 AM rehearsing for her performance with James Bay. Maybe she was disappointed she didn’t win Best New Artist. Maybe she was trying to remember whether or not she had set her PVR for Broad City this Wednesday. Or maybe her look had absolutely nothing to do with what was going on in front of her.

Or maybe it did.

Tori Kelly’s eye roll was all of our eye rolls. For someone who is so shocked to win Album of the Year, Taylor Swift and her cowriter Jack Antonoff were pretty quick to pull out this second-hand embarrassment-inducing hand shake.


Well, she was excited, and that’s way better than being too cool to care. Taylor Swift does care. She cares a lot. She cared enough to deliver a carefully worded speech that made it very clear that she was not okay with Kanye West and his Famous lyrics, which attempted to take credit for her success. Nor should she be okay with it.

We’re pretty sure Tori Kelly wasn’t upset about that. Who would be?

Maybe what she was upset about was Taylor Swift trying to send a message of female empowerment while surrounded by an all-male group of producers and writers. Maybe casting your #squad of female models and actresses is fine and dandy, but putting your newfound feminism into play in the recording studio would be even dandier.


Or maybe she was just hangry.

Eye roll