We Want This Mark Ronson Video Star To Be The Next Maddie Ziegler


Mon, May, 11 by


Last year we had Maddie Ziegler as the young person who reminded us how uncool we are compared to an incredibly talented young person. This year, we have Brian Tardie, the star of the new Mark Ronson video, “Feel Right” featuring… wait for it… Mystikal.

The video takes place at a prep school talent show hosted by Mama Brady herself, Florence Henderson. The kids in the audience are pretty over this whole show until a fast rapping little all-star takes the stage to perform “Feel Right”. This kid gets REALLY into lip synching along with Mystikal’s rhymes. We have never seen such spunk.

Sure, the “Uptown Funk” video was fun but we have an idea for you Marky-Mark Ronson. Are you listening? You HAVE TO make this kid the Maddie Ziegler to your Sia. Show up everywhere with him. Perform with him. Make a music video trilogy with him. This kid is a star.

Check out the Bruno Mars and Cameron Duddy directed video below and keep an eye out for some celeb cameos. Plus, an appearance by an equally adorable little Mark Ronson doppelgänger.