Weekend Social Snippet: Buffer Festival Through The Eyes Of Our Fave Creators


Social engagement is a huge part of YouTube content creators’ brands and channels, so naturally, they’d be documenting every second of their stays in Toronto. If you wanna see Buffer Festival through the eyes of your favourite musicians, comedians and other personalities, check out our round up of creators’ best Instas and tweets!

Give yourself more credit sWooZie!

Discovering Canadian delicacies

Poutine has been acquired. #bufferfestival

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Slay, Estee, slay.

Putting the “hot” in Hotline Bling

“OH MY GOD! THERE’S FIVE PHONES AND FIVE OF US!!!” – Me, moments before this was taken.

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The calm before the storm of fans

Buffer Festival squad goals


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The cutest security detail on the floor

Buffer Festival Gala tonight! (I’m part of the security team, obviously.)

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