Weezer Surprise Fans With #TBT Collection Of Covers For Teal Album

Weezer Teal

We may have to wait a bit longer for Weezer to release their highly anticipated Black Album, but the foursome did just drop a surprise album on Thursday to help tide fans over until the new material is ready. Unveiling the ultimate #TBT album, Weezer debuted their Teal Album on January 24, a collection of 10 cover songs inspired by the success of their 2018 surprise hit cover of Toto’s “Africa.”

The new album spans four decades, starting with Ben E. King’s 1961 hit “Stand By Me,” moving into the 1970s with Electric Light Orchestra’s “Mr. Blue Sky,” all the way up to TLC’s “No Scrubs” from 1999’s Fan Mail album. The Teal Album, which fittingly features band members Rivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson, Brian Bell, and Scott Shriner wearing leisure suits from the ’80s on the cover, focuses mainly on tracks from the same decade, with covers of “Billie Jean,” “Sweet Dreams,” and “Everybody Wants To Rule The World.”

Much like their cover of “Africa,” the Teal Album is packed full of songs that don’t seem like an obvious fit for the pop rock band, with the resulting tracks an unexpected and pleasant surprise. Weezer doing Black Sabbath? It really works.

The one low point in the album is what it doesn’t include. Weezer’s light-hearted and surprisingly emotional covers of 1960’s hits “Stand By Me” and The Turtles’ “Happy Together” is a stark reminder that the group really missed the boat on including a Buddy Holly track. Seems obvious, no?

The new album is available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music, but if you want to make it a real #TBT and purchase the Teal Album in CD format, it’s available now for pre-order at Weezer.com, complete with a matching teal Velcro wallet.

According to Weezer’s website, there’s ‘more fun’ to come between now and Black Friday on March 1, when the group will drop their Black Album. More fun than a cover of “Mr. Blue Sky?” That’s a lot of fun.

So, are you ride or die for new Weezer covers or is Rivers going through something?