WeHeartMakonnen: 5 Things You Need To Know About iLoveMakonnen


While performing at the Billboard Hot 100 Festival in New York on August 23, iLoveMakonnen announced that his second album will drop in October. The rapper is signed to Drake’s OVO Sound label and is known for Tuesday featuring Drake that blew up the hip-hop charts last year. His debut EP iLoveMakonnen dropped in December, and his Drink More Water 5 mixtape came out this March. Makonnen hinted earlier this month about a possible record title and date but didn’t confirm whether he was referring to an upcoming album or not.

Truss mi daddi, we’re waiting on it. But if you’re not familiar with iLoveMakonnen, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are five things you need to know about iLoveMakonnen.

1. Don’t just classifiy him as a singer/rapper…he’s also a producer.
After moving to Atlanta from Los Angeles, Makonnen’s mother believed in his music and got him a keyboard. From there he produced and co-wrote three albums with his mom as the singer and the rest was history.

2. Makonnen has served some jail-time.
Makonnen is a product of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. In an interview with Fader Magazine, Makonnen recalls the night after graduation when the unexpected happened resulting in jail time for murder. He spent a few weeks in jail, two years under house arrest, and was later sentenced to five years on probation.

3. iHateMakonnen?
Where did the name come from? After the death of his friend, Makonnen said that “Everybody was out to hate me and hang me.” He refused to believe the negativity that surrounded his name, “I knew the truth about me. I love Makonnen. Just say it in your mind and you’ll start believing it. I used to chant it in my house. I had to love myself and stay strong.” Hence the name iLoveMakonnen. Bonus fact: his alter ego is known as Red Dragon.

4. Makonnen attended cosmetology school
iLoveMakonnen has a valid reason for why that creep doll head is always around him. While Makonnen was on house arrest, he decided to go to cosmetology school (following his mother’s profession). Makonnen put heavy make-up on the dolls with bright-coloured hair. It serves as a “brand” to show that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

5. He categorizes his music under “The DIY Genre”
Makonnen self-produced and self-released many of his tracks. He says they were formed through his isolation while on probation. His first non-self-produced record was in 2014, iLoveMakonnen. When he was asked what style he identifies with he responded saying “The DIY Genre.”

Download iLoveMakonnen’s latest mixtape Drink More Water 5 for free! Take a listen and prepare for more amazing music from this rising star soon!