Welcome To The First Ever Hunger Game of Thrones

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Before we begin, we’re going to be referring to a bunch of Game of Thrones and Hunger Games scenes so let it be known that we’re throwing down a Westeros-sized *SPOILER ALERT* right now for all you guys and gals who aren’t caught up. You have been warned.

Alright now let’s get down to business. We’ve seen Jon Snow’s impressive battle skills and swordsmanship as he rose to the top of the Night’s watch. We’ve also seen Katniss Everdeen fight an entire empire and cause a revolution with just a bow and arrow. So what if those two were to go head to head against each other in some sort of twisted Hunger Games-like duel? Who would come out on top? Who would die heroically? Who would write the fan-fiction for it?! So many questions and no way to find the answers!

Until now.

Thanks to Youtuber David Elmah, we now have a look at how a Katniss vs Jon Snow battle would go down, and let us assure you, it looks wicked intense. After all, why settle for the Song of Fire and Ice when you can have the GIRL ON Fire and Ice? The only real question that still remains now is, who would win? So we here at Much (being the ridiculous fangirls and boys that we are) thought this would be a good time to dissect the situation and get to the bottom of it.

Here’s what we came up with.

yo yo katty

Battle skills:

Quick strategist (8/10)

Master archer (10/10

Field skills:

Excellent natural instincts (9/10)

High pain tolerance (7/10)

Poor close combat (-7)

Jon Snow

Battle skills:

Incredible close combat skill (9/10)

Extraordinary swordsman (9/10)

Field skills:

Strong endurance (8/10)

Dire wolf tamer (6/10)

Can be made vulnerable by females (-6)

Final Score

Katniss 27

Jon Snow 26

It was a close match but it looks like, ultimately, Katniss has come out the victor. Don’t feel too bad because even though Jon Snow may “know nothing”, his impeccable combat abilities definitely made him a worthy opponent. Thanks to his heavy upbringing in Winterfell, his rigorous training at castle Black and let’s not forget his trusty companion, “Ghost”, Jon’s stats round up to a whopping 32 out of 40.

Unfortunately, his points are docked because of a certain feisty wildling that exposes his weakness: falling in love. We know it’s cheesy, and quite honestly, probably wouldn’t play a huge part in his match against Ms. Everdeen but still… if a pretty face and some suggestive language is all it takes to throw this guy off in battle, that’s not exactly an advantage.

Lower your pitchforks though because Katniss isn’t entirely flawless either. In fact, when it comes to any form of close range attacks, she’s pretty much helpless. However, what she lacks in combat, she more than makes up for it with her immaculate archery skills. Give her a bow and arrow and the battle is pretty much over.

Also, let’s not forget Katniss has also been through two Hunger Games arenas with no idea what to expect in terms of her surroundings. Jon, on the other hand, has moved from snowy conditions to snowier conditions, so it’s safe to say the girl on fire has a bit more experience in the field. We’ve also seen her strategically plan her attacks on multiple occasions as opposed to Jon who likes to stick to his “just come out swinging” approach.

In conclusion: Katniss Everdeen has come out victorious against yet another Snow, and Jon will just have to stick to smashing up White Walkers for now. Sorry buddy!

Check out the original video here!