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Allow Us To Reintoduce Ourselves. Our Name is Much. Much To The Dot Com!

We are so stoked to finally reveal the new, revamped Much.com, with an updated sleek design, new content, and much cleaner navigation.  Our new Feed and Much Hits will keep you updated on everything that’s new in pop culture, with our own special take. Plus, we are still your #1 destination for your favourite Much shows like Comedy Bang Bang!, Workaholics, Broad City and more. If we dare say, this is a site both Jesse Eisenberg AND Mark Zuckerberg would be impressed by.


With the new site comes the launch of what we are very proud to call Much Digital Studios.  Our new era of the VJ so to speak.  We are teaming up with twelve of your current and soon-to-be favourite YouTubers to produce exciting new content that will not only entertain you, but teach you all sorts of important lessons. When it is not appropriate to wear dark lipstick? What jokes can I break out on a first date? How do I make my version of “Fancy” at the very least listenable at karaoke?  This gang is here to help.

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And now…

…may we present our first Much Digital Studio creators.



The dudes behind 4YallEntertainment are primed to crack you up. This comedy quartet is a family affair with two pairs of brothers, Jae and Trevaunn Richards and twins Duwayne and Durran Ferguson. Straight out of Brampton, these guys release regular comedy sketches like movie parodies, rants and skits. Need we name drop the Toronto Raptors, Boi1da and King Bach as collaborators? Alright, we will.



AllegraLouise- Optimized

Allegra is a 22 year-old student, blogger, and YouTuber from Toronto. Inspired by the videos she grew up watching on YouTube, her channel AllegraLouise has fun fashion and lifestyle features that have earned her a following of admiring fans. Plus, so much of her style is affordable stuff you can actually buy at popular stores in most cities. Super accessible!

Where to Start: Liquid Eyeliner for Beginners is one we will be revisiting over and over.

The Danocracy

Danocracy - Optimized

If you need a light morning pick-me-up, The Danocracy will be your destination. Dan James, a Canadian currently transplanted in the U.S. of A., mixes humour and insight. His videos make you think while pumping you up to take on the world. You also might recognize him from the last few MMVA’s backstage correspondent work he’s done for us.

Where to Start: His 6 Ways To Deal With Change is something we can all stand to learn from.

Dan Talevski

Dan Tavelski - Optimized

Justin Timberlake’s What Goes Around… Comes Around is one of our favourite songs of all time so when someone covers it, it has to be amazing. Dan Talevski nailed his rendition, launching his online popularity. Signed to eOne Music Canada, Talevski has now worked with many established artists including will.i.am, Shawn Desman, Danny Fernandes, and Keisha Chante. Not too shabs.

Where to Start: Obviously his fantastic cover of What Goes Around… Comes Around.

Jus Reign

Jus Reign - Optimized

Jasmeet Singh, aka Jus Reign, is the cool kids’ YouTube comic. His commentary on race, along with his pop-culture parodies and comedic deadpan has earned him more than 500,000 YouTube subscribers, more than 1 million followers on Vine, and one of the largest followings on Snapchat within Canada. This dude is not effin’ around. Well… he is effin’ around but in the best possible way.

Where to Start: His “Bounce” video featuring fellow YouTuber Timothy DeLaGhetto is so incredibly re-watchable and makes us laugh every time.

Melissa Merk

Melissa Merk -Optimized

Melissa is your beauty bae next door. The part-time model from Vancouver lives a full-time fashion life with her passion for beauty and style. She has a beauty blog and just launched her own online clothing boutique, Just Kingsley. Make her YouTube page your stop before you head out the door.

Where to Start: Her Everyday Makeup Tips are perfect for the natural ladies among us.


Sickick - Optimized

Our Much Digital Studios creators roster wouldn’t be complete without someone who created his own unique style of dance music. SickickMusic, the creator of #SICKHOP, is a hip-hop and electronic producer, writer and singer. Give his music a listen to help him “spread his sickness”. Sickick also includes manager and creative producer, Rayn Magic.

Where to Start: His version of Rihanna’s Bitch Better Have My Money is a must add to your summer party playlist.

Rayn Magic

Rayn Magic - Optimized

Is there any better feeling than being truly amazed by a magician? No there is not. Rayn Magic is a self-described manipulator of mind, magic, and music who started studying his magic at the young age of 11. Talk about a mini Houdini. Rayn’s show involves card manipulation, mind-reading and hypnosis. We are all on board with watching this online but keep that mind reader away from these brains! He is also the creative partner of fellow Much Digital Studios creator SickickMusic.

Where to Start: Check out his best of compilation for a taste of what he has to offer.

Tyler Shaw

Tyler Shaw - Optimized

This guy should already be on all of your radars. Tyler is a singer-songwriter from British Columbia who has long been a Much and fan favourite. His debut single Kiss Goodnight was certified gold in Canada. His latest video for House of Cards, funded by MuchFACT, is a super-hero themed much watch. His YouTube channel features some of his super popular covers and regular #TuesdaysWithTyler segments. Oh and he will be opening for a little lady named Kelly Clarkson during the Canadian leg of her tour this fall.

Where to Start: The super charming recent #TuesdaysWithTyler post Don’t Play With Pens.


Mike Veerman - Optimized

This new weekly show is your destination to get really deep with compelling cultural figures. Hosted by Mike Veerman, the show features long-form interviews with the most interesting people in music, comedy, acting and writing. The show is co-produced by Max Kerman, the lead singer of Arkells, and also features Shane Cunningham who contributes a “Top 5” segment as part of every episode.

Shane, a writer and video producer also has a comedy YouTube channel of his own with hilarious videos like a Harlem Shake Segment.

THE MIKE ON MUCH CULTURE PODCAST launches this summer.

Mila Victoria

Mila Victoria - Optimized

Need help putting your face on? This super cool chick is here to help. With high profile stars like Cody Simpson, Ashley Benson, Shawn Mendes, Wiz Khalifa and Majid Jordan as her hair and make-up clients, this lady has earned her place as a beauty authority. Plus, she was named the first Beauty Ambassador for TOPSHOP Canada’s make-up line.

Where to Start: Her very creative Ombre Lips Tutorial with 3 Different Styles has more than 1.5 million views.

Ron Dias TV

Ron Diaz - Optimized

In 2013, the Dubai-born, Toronto-raised actor Ron Dias launched his own YouTube channel, Ron Dias TV. His channel features comedy sketches, short films, and vlogs that give insight into his day-to-day adventures, friendships, travel, and positive outlook on life. Plus, it includes jokes about man parts.

Where to Start: Check out his most popular video, Viagra Prank Gone Wrong.

Head to Much.com/Creators to see more!

Creators - Optimized

Are you interested in becoming one of our creators? Do you have something to say? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Head on over to the MUCH Digital Studios site and tell us about yourself.

Just like you, we are always transforming and refreshing. We hope you like our new makeover and would love to hear what you think in the comments below. Or you can tweet us @much any time.

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