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Kanye’s ‘Famous’ Video Gets The Seal Of Approval From Filmmaker Werner Herzog


Legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog, with over 70 credits on his filmography, has weighed in on Kanye West’s controversial “Famous” video. Dissecting all the themes and concepts, Herzog shared his professional opinion as the racy visual plays in a new video from The Daily Beast. The verdict? It’s pretty good.

Featuring the likeness of West, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift and more lying beside each other, Herzog provides a deep analysis similar to what you’d hear on the bonus features of a DVD. Praising West’s social commentary and storytelling, Herzog believes the rapper was able to accomplish the subtly that he tries to teach new filmmakers.

“There’s all of a sudden a guy out there in the world of rappers who is doing something that I’ve always tried to get across to people who want to make movies,” he said. “I try to explain to them that there’s not just a story that you are telling and you are concocting some sort of relationship between people.”

He questions whether the figures in the video are real, what their stories are and what brought them into the bed together. Herzog believes using well-known celebrities shows West’s artistic interpretation of the “overlaying self and invented self” in the digital age.

“What’s going on on Facebook is all stylized, invented forms. And I see it in my personal contact with the Internet that there’s a lot of doppelgängers pretending to be me, trying to speak in my accent, my voice, answering things on Facebook, on Twitter,” he said.

It’s the simplicity of it all that makes the video a great piece of work. “The fact that there’s just breathing and imagining is wonderful about it,” Herzog concluded.

Hear the full commentary with the NSFW video below.