What Comes To Mind When Ed Sheeran Hears The Words MMVA, Marriage & Fame


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Ed Sheeran is the co-host of this year’s Much Music Video Awards. You heard about that right? This Sunday June 21, the sweet, talented and charming Ed will take the stage to co-host the show and perform.

This is all in the middle of a big tour and writing ten songs in four days for an album we can expect next year. So when he came through Toronto last week, Liz caught up with him one more time before he starts rehearsing for his big co-hosting gig. Which, in case you didn’t know, she helped make happen.

“I can attempt to host. I’ve never hosted anything. I can’t even host a party.” the always modest Ed said.

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Plus, in honour of his mega hit “Thinking Out Loud”, we got him to reveal the first thing that comes to mind when Liz read him a series of words. You have to watch this just to see what the first thing that comes to his mind when Liz says the words marriage, sex and fame.

Check out the interview here:

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