What Is Justin Bieber Hiding Between Those Cushions?


Wed, January, 28 by

Justin Bieber’s hair is very important. It was a legit selling point in his early years, when he sported that now-iconic round hairdo complete with those dreamy sweeping bangs. So, yes, his hair is of the utmost importance.

Of course, since then, Bieber has cut his hair and recently even bleached it, but has he changed it up once again? Earlier this week, Bieber was spotted leaving the Nine Zero One salon in Hollywood sporting a blue cap and matching…cushions?

Yeah, Bieber was trying to escape from his hair appointment without the paparazzi capturing his new look…or so we think because why else would he do such a ridiculous thing?!

We sat down and thought of the top 7 reasons why Bieber would be covering his face with a pair of cushions:

1. He got a bad haircut.
We’ve all been through it, Biebs.

2. He just shaved his head.
We’re too scared to imagine that.

3. He was getting attacked by a bee.
Totally plausible.

4. He was trying to hide a giant zit.
His face can’t always be this smooth…can it?

5. He finally took off his earrings.

6. Or even worse: he got more piercings.
Imagine Bieber with ear spacers.

7. He just dyed his hair again.
Okay, this is the actual correct answer. If this new Instagram pic suggests anything (squint and you’ll see his sideburns), he’s totally a brunette now.