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What Kind Of Tea Would These Brit Award Nominees Be?


Long before Kermit the Frog was known for sipping tea, the British were known (and still are) for their love of the drink.

Since the Brit Awards are right around the corner, we thought that it’s a perfect time to make some educated guesses on which kind of tea some of these prominent Brit Awards nominees would be based on their music and personality.

Take a look at what we’ve come up with:

Ed Sheeran


If Ed Sheeran were a tea, we think that he’d be a passionfruit infused green tea. The singer/songwriter is known for partying hard, and even impressed DJ Khaled with his hard partying ways. Since he has such a vibrant energy, we figured that there’s no way he could be a decaffeinated tea. Green tea is caffeine-filled and it also matches the green colour on the X album cover. The passionfruit infusion represents Ed‘s streak of uniqueness. He’s definitely not run of the mill and rocks out to the beat of his own drum.

Ed Sheeran is nominated for a 2016 Brit Award for Best Artist Video (Photograph) and British Single (Bloodstream, with Rudimental).



English breakfast tea fits the essence of Adele. It goes down smooth and rich, just like the sound of Adele‘s vocals. People have been drinking this timeless tea for years and it never goes out of style. Adele is an artist whose work is also timeless and sings songs with universal themes that will always be relevant, such as love and heartbreak.

She’s nominated this year for British Artist Video (for Hello), British Female Solo Artist, British Single (for Hello), and Mastercard British Album Of The Year (for 25). Wow – four nominations!

Ellie Goulding


If Ellie Goulding were to be a tea, she would totally be an herbal berry tea. Her mellow musical vibes fit in with a soothing herbal tea, and the berry flavour symbolizes how sweet her love songs are.

Ellie Goulding is nominated for two Brit Awards this year: British Artist Video (for Love Me Like You Do) and British Single (for Love Me Like You Do). See? It’s a beautiful love song about sweet ol’ love.

Florence + The Machine


Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine packs a sassy punch, just like chocolate pu’erh tea. She’s a little sweet, but also has a confident attitude. Pu’erh teas have the highest caffeine content, so they have quite the kick to them, just like Florence Welch and her music. The chocolate represents the depth of her robust voice.

Florence + The Machine is nominated for British Female Solo Artist and Mastercard British Album Of The Year (for How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful) for this year’s Brit Awards.

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