What One Direction Can Learn From The Spice Girls

March 25 with forever be known as the day the music died. After months of speculation and early tour exits, Zayn Malik has made the official announcement that he will be leaving One Direction.

It’s a difficult day for Directioners and the members of 1D, who announced on their Facebook page along with Zayn’s good bye letter that they would still be carrying on as a band.

Fellow Brits The Spice Girls know what it’s like to lose a member at a high point in the band’s career. During their new time of transition, One Direction can gain a few lessons from the Spice Girls and their handling of Geri Halliwell’s exit.

For the next few months the focus of every interview will be on Zayn. Prepare your talking notes accordingly.

There’s going to be a lot of trash talk about the band not being as good anymore. Ignore the negativity and focus on the music.

People will expect your next single to be about Zayn and it should be. Fans may feel like there’s a lack of compassion for the missing Malik if it’s simply business as usual.

The first set of red carpet interviews and award show acceptance speeches will have to address Zayn in some ways. Forgetting to thank him for his contribution to the band will make Adele Dazeem-Gate seem like a two second trending topic.

The rumour mill will quickly begin churning that there was bad blood in the band and that Malik was forced out. Staying quiet is an option, but we live in a world of Twitter. One hundred and forty characters is all that’s needed to squash the BS.

Stardom is super, super weird. If Zayn’s next move is to distance himself from One Direction, that’s okay. Hopefully it won’t involve a fake funeral scene. That was tough, Ginger.

And there’s always hope for a reunion.

We love you too, Zayn.