What Songs Make Death Cab For Cutie Think Of The Olympics & Recording Naked


Mon, June, 29 by

Death Cab

Death Cab For Cutie have been a band for almost 20 years. Yes! TWEN-TY-YEARS. Our own Liz Trinnear has loved them for almost every minute of that. Well, ever since she was introduced to them by everyone’s favourite nerd boyfriend Seth Cohen from The O.C. Their latest album Kintsugi came out earlier this year with everyone aware that it was the first album since founding band member Chris Walla left the group. It was a hit.

Death Cab For Cutie Put Together A Music Video Playlist For You!

Although we have been jamming to the new album since it came out, there is definitely a lot of nostalgia associated with the band. Transatlanticism and Plans were the soundtracks to the young lives of so many twenty-somethings.

So we asked Ben Gibbard and Nick Harmer to think of the first, tweet-ish length thing that came to mind when we mentioned our favourite Death Cab songs. But sometimes when you get talking, things go a lot longer than 140 characters.

Watch the interview below to find out what made Nick think of the Olympics and what song made Ben reflect on a (emotionally) naked recording session.

Check out his video for “Black Sun” below: