Here’s What To Expect From ‘Broad City’ Season 4

The Broad City Season 4 premiere is but a mere two weeks away. But let’s be real—even after a year and a half hiatus, two weeks is a long way to go without getting any updates as to what Abbi and Ilana have in store for us next.

So, it’s a good thing we were able to watch the first three episodes of the new season. Because now we get to impart our newfound wisdom on you, dear readers, and give you a sneak peek into the action-packed lives of our favourite New York City kweens.

We can’t give you too many spoilers, but here are a few things to look forward to when Broad City makes its triumphant return.

The Star-Studded Guest Appearances

You might have already caught a glimpse of one or two of these stars in the Season 4 trailer. But in addition to Steve Buscemi, Shania Twain and the magnificent RuPaul Charles, Saturday Night Live’s Jane Curtin makes an appearance as Margo, a kindly woman who’s always armed with thermoses of soup, warm scarves, and stacks of Tupperware. Oh, and she might also be a witch.

The Returning Faves

Along with Jaimé, Bevers, and even Abbi’s hot former neighbour Jeremy, Season 4 graces us with the presence of the incomparable Lincoln Rice (Hannibal Buress), Ilana’s ex-(sort of) boyfriend. Though Ilana and Lincoln’s relationship remains as confusing and strange as ever, the two do end up having a sweet heart-to-heart moment in a bathroom of all places.

The Flashback Episode

In the Season 4 premiere, we travel all the way back to the distant year of 2011 – a simpler time, when Obama was still POTUS, CeeLo Green’s “Forget You” was topping the charts, and both Abbi and Ilana had very regrettable hairstyles. During the episode we get to see two different timelines—one in which Abbi and Ilana become the soul sisters they were always meant to be, and one in which things turn out very, very differently. We won’t tell you which timeline is which, but we will say that you get to see what Jaimé and Bevers (who was always a lovable freeloader, in case you were wondering) were like before the OWN Network became a thing.

The Election Aftermath

Abbi and Ilana talk about Trump. A lot. It was pretty much inevitable, especially considering that they decided to dress up as Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Judge Judy for Halloween a couple years back. Of course, Abbi and Ilana address last year’s disaster of an American election season in their own special, wildly entertaining way.

And in one very memorable scene, Ilana tries to fix a frustrating problem that stems from the anxiety and uncertainty surrounding the election…
The Empowered Lady Montage

…by picturing an inspiring montage of powerful, independent women. Naturally. What else would you expect from someone who’s made the term “kween” an integral part of her vocabulary?

The Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll

Even though Abbi and Ilana encounter a couple new roadblocks this season, they’re still the pot-smoking, dirty-talking ladies we all know and love. They have sex. They poop. They nonchalantly talk about bestiality. Sometimes they accidentally get strands of chest hair stuck between their teeth.

But if you look past all the antics, it’s clear that Abbi and Ilana’s plights are still as relatable as ever. Abbi, like (probably) 99% of the population, doesn’t know how to pronounce açaí and insists that Drew Barrymore has a “pixie spirit.” Ilana impulsively splurges on an expensive manicure and gets kicked in the face after standing too close to a subway dance crew. And who hasn’t gotten overly invested in a relationship that’s less than a week old?

It’s good to have you back, broads.

Season 4 of Broad City premieres September 13 on Much at 10:30 p.m. ET, then new eps will air Thursdays at 2:30 a.m. ET.