What We Learned From Future’s New Track ‘How it Feel’



Released last Friday, Future’s new track “How It Feel” is without a doubt five minutes of the Atlanta rapper…really letting us know how he feels. The Mike WiLL Made-it produced single does not shy away from addressing controversial topics in Future’s life, focusing primarily on his issues with ex-fiancée and baby momma Ciara. Unsurprisingly, “How It Feel” is proof that getting slapped with a $15 million defamation suit by his ex is fuel to Future’s fire. Here’s everything we learned from the rapper’s latest banger:

He Believes He’s Responsible For Ciara’s Fame


Shots fired. “I gave you fame on the ‘gram/I put you back on the charts/I gave you number one spot,” Future rhymes, clearly stating that he believes he made Ciara relevant again by writing “Body Party” for her in 2013. The song was certified Gold and reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts, and was the first time she topped charts since her 2004 hit, “Goodies.” Future seems to also think her 13.6 million Instagram followers are thanks to him.

He’s Been Spending Too Much Time with Drizzy


Is Future getting all Drake-y on us? He shows his raw emotions on this track, reminiscing about past relationships and the lengths he’s gone for the women in his life. “I took you out of apartments, then I put you in the condo.” It’s safe to say that Drake’s girl problems could have rubbed off on Future, seeing as the two have been spending a lot of time together on their Summer Sixteen tour. Late nights on the tour bus probably lead to lots of deep life chats…

He Thinks Russell Wilson Is A B*tch


More shots fired! “Ask me how it feel to watch your b*tch f**k another b*tch,” Future raps, further confirming his longstanding animosity towards Ciara’s new husband Russell Wilson. Despite Future’s feelings about the Seattle Seahawks quarterback, he and Ciara’s son Future Jr. apparently refers to Wilson as “papa,” as captured in a video shared on Wilson’s Facebook page in July.

(Whether team Future or Ciara, we can all agree that Future Jr. is the cutest thing ever.)

He’s Still Going To ‘Choose The Dirty Over You’


As he rapped about in “Thought It Was A Drought,” the mention of choosing drugs over woman is another reoccurring theme when Future raps,”B*tches ain’t worth shit to me/The kush is worth more than you.”

“How It Feel” is rumoured to appear on his upcoming mix tape with Mike WiLL Made-It titled Ape Shit – check it out below.