What Zayn Malik’s Series ‘Boys’ Can Learn From ‘Law And Order’


Zayn Malik may no longer be part of the biggest boy band in the world, but that doesn’t mean he’s turning his back on the genre. Malik is using his time in One Direction as the inspiration for his new series, Boys.

The show will focus on a boy band who are catapulted to fame and then must deal with the pressures of being in the spotlight. They’ll probably date some models and get caught with drugs at some point, too. We’re just guessing.

The new series has Malik teaming up with NBC and producer Dick Wolf, who is best known as the man behind alllll the Law and Order series. Yes, that Dick Wolf.


While not much is known about Boys, a lot is known about Law and Order. So, we’re taking our knowledge of the long running crime drama and using it to predict what fans can expect from Boys. Dun dun.

Characters will be able to remember precise details about strangers, including the date and time of their interactions.


Anyone who wants to be a TV star will appear on Boys at some point.


Anytime you think you know how an episode will end, you’re probably going to wrong.


There will be a lot of experts popping up. Dick Wolf loves experts.


The boy bands allegiance to one another will constantly be tested.


There’s going to be crying, both on screen and on your couch.


Boys will likely have an educational component.


Each episode will feature just a touch of sexual tension.


Boys will be your new favourite show to make up for being single.