The Problem With Justin Bieber’s Throwback Pictures


When you’re Justin Bieber, you don’t need to wait for Thursday to post a throwback pic. You also don’t need to feel remotely weird about posting old photos of you and your ex kissing.

This weekend, Bieber posted an old photo of him and Selena Gomez kissing, using the ambiguous caption “Feels”.


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This isn’t the first time he’s posted an old photo of them. Or the second. It’s the third time since December that Bieber’s shared a Jelena throwback pic.

Just a throwback calm down

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Crazy throwback

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While the Twittersphere seems to think the act is “cute”, (apparently, Selena even went as far as liking and commenting on the photo), the rest of us can’t help but think the whole thing might be a bit…creepy. Think about it; how weird would it be if your ex-lover shared a photo of you together two years after you broke up?

Even if we do ship Justin/Selena as our OTP, it seems invasive for Bieber to resurrect photos, especially since a) they are no longer dating, b) he’s been seen with/rumoured to be dating other celebs including Hailey Baldwin and c) Selena clearly does not want to talk about JB anymore.

Selena has already said in multiple interviews that she’s done talking about her relationship with Justin. The past year has been huge for Selena. Between her breakout solo album Revival, which already has three top-ten singles, and her numerous live performances she’s really come into her own. But how can she be expected to thrive when all people want to talk about is her ex-boyfriend?

When Bieber continually makes reference to their turbulent, over-exposed and tabloidy relationship, Selena makes headlines for being on his Instagram feed instead of making headlines for her music, acting or other aspects of the career she’s worked tirelessly on.

No one asks Miley Cyrus about Patrick Schwarzenegger (who she dated between 2014-2015), so why are we still talking about Selena in the context of being JB’s ex?

Jelena ceased to exist in 2014. It’s time to get over it, Justin.