What’s Your Issue: Learn Each Platform’s Main Issues


Thu, October, 1 by


You may know your issues but what are the party issues? Each political party has a platform and a certain set of issues they focus on so now that we’ve gone through the reasons why you need to vote and how to go about voting on October 19, it’s time to dig a little deeper into the different parties and their issues.

First step is figuring out where you belong in the political landscape and what better way to find out than through this helpful and fun CBC tool — test it out here! The set of questions regarding various issues will help determine which party you might want to vote for. Don’t worry, there’s a “Don’t Know” option on this quiz because it is absolutely okay to not know everything. This way, you know which topics to potentially read up on!

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Another important step is to find out who the candidates are in your riding. You can do that by entering in your postal code at www.elections.ca. That will give you a list of names and parties running in your electoral district.

From there, you can find links to all of the parties registered for the federal election HERE. It’s a long list – yay democracy!!!