Where Does Canada Fall In Nick Kroll’s Ranking of North American Countries?


Tue, May, 26 by

Nick Kroll

Nick Kroll has a special place in our hearts as highly patriotic Canadians with a good senses of humour. Wheels, Ontario, his three season comic homage to our home country in Kroll Show was a loving look at everything that makes Canada silly and awesome. When he came through Much recently to promote his new movie Adult Beginners, we had to ask him what his favourite part of Kroll Show was. We were very pleased with his answer.

“I genuinely loved doing and exploring Canada over the three seasons. It’s one of my favourite North American countries after Mexico and the U.S,” he said.

Well… thanks!

Nick now stars in Adult Beginners a movie based on a story idea he had. Nick plays Jake, an entrepreneur who loses it all and moves in with his pregnant sister, her husband and their three-year-old son. Since he is always available, Jake becomes an ill-prepared de facto caretaker to his little nephew.

Nick himself is an uncle and remembers one interaction with his own nephew.

“I remember I shared a room with my nephew. We were all on vacation and he was younger at the time, he was six maybe,” Nick said. “I had been at a bachelor party right before I had joined him for the vacation and he woke me up at like 5:30 in the morning to hang out and I was like, ‘Get lost.’ And he was like, ‘I don’t like this Uncle Nick.’ So I just like had hangover farts all over him.

Now that Kroll Show is over, Nick says that he hopes to keep working in the sketch show format while making hit movies like Adult Beginners which he said, “even though I just burped up some green drink” will beat Avengers: Age of Ulton at the box office. “So let’s get that going Canada. Okay? Let’s get out there is Saskatoon. The tar sands of Alberta.”

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