Where In Canada Are These JUNO Nominees Actually From?

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The 2015 Juno Awards are just around the corner and we are happy to celebrate a lot of our very own Canadian-born artists. We have birthed some of the biggest talents out right now, from Drake to Deadmau5, who are acknowledged worldwide. With that fame, people start to forget where the artists actually came from, especially since they are usually always in the States. Even though the time they spend in Canada can be minimal, we are still super proud of our talented artists. So don’t get it twisted, THEY ARE CANADIAN. What you might get twisted is where in Canada these artists are from. Yup. We went there.

Click on our quiz below and find out if you know where our Canadian birthed artists were born.

Also, don’t forget watch the Junos Awards this Sunday, March 15 at 7E on CTV and CTV GO!

Good luck!!

By Maria Henao