Where In The World Is Childish Gambino?


We’ve gone much too long without some new content from Donald Glover BKA Childish Gambino. His most recent studio album, Because The Internet, was released in late 2013.

That album was accompanied by a 25-minute short film serving as its prequel. Upon the release of the Because The Internet, Gambino also showed off his writing skills with a 72-page screenplay that was intended to be read while listening to the album, as the album’s songs correspond to certain scenes within the screenplay, some of which are accompanied by actual short clips.

Since the ambitious, multi-faceted project, Gambino has been doing less and less in the realm of music and more in other forms of media. To save you the work of an Internet scavenger hunt, we’ve decided to give you an update on Gambino’s career in the past year and a bit.

In October of 2014, Gambino released a dual project, STN MTN/Kauai, consisting of his seventh mixtape, STN MTN and an EP, Kauai. Since these releases, Gambino has yet to release a solo song.

A few months following the STN MTN/Kauai release, Gambino made himself disappear from the Internet almost completely. He wiped his activity from his Twitter account, deleted everything from his Instagram, and even deleted the aforementioned screenplay (which can still be found through the ways of Google).

At the top of last year, Gambino was featured on the track Perfect by THC, the in-house producers for Top Dawg Entertainment, the record label that houses rappers such as Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul. Just two days after Perfect dropped, Gambino dropped the music video for his song Sober, which was one of the stand-out tracks on Kauai.

In June, ‘Bino performed at the Bonnaroo Music Festival, where he played two new songs. One, a remix to the Tyga and Young Thug tune, Hookah, in which Gambino teamed up with a common collaborator, Steve G. Lover. The other song, rumoured to be titled Me And Your Momma.

In the same month, he hosted an incredibly quick Q&A session on his Twitter account, which was concluded with him deleting all the answers he had given. Thankfully, screenshots are always a thing, and you can check out some questions he answered here.

When Gambino left the NBC show Community in 2013, it was speculated he may be done with acting altogether, which couldn’t have been further from the truth.

He was one of the characters in the 2015 sci-fi/thriller/horror film The Lazarus Effect. Gambino stepped up his acting chops, and appeared in two other films in 2015, both in which Donald’s performances were highlights. He played the role of Andre in Magic Mike XXL, where he has a scene where he seemingly freestyles for a female party-goer. He’s also credited on the movie’s soundtrack, covering Bruno Mars’ love song, Marry You.

Following Magic Mike XXL, Gambino secured a role in the Oscar-nominated movie, The Martian, starring Matt Damon. Gambino plays Rich Purnell, a NASA team member who plans the flight path for a resupply mission to Mars. Though Gambino’s role wasn’t huge and he had no soundtrack credits this time around, he made it known that he is as serious with acting as he is with the music.

Aside from the big screen, Gambino has been busy working on his own show for the small screen.

About a year after he first brought the idea forward, FX ordered a pilot of Gambino’s show Atlanta. Gambino has once described the show as “Twin Peaks with rappers.” The show follows two cousins who are determined to make it in the ever-expanding Atlanta rap scene, as Gambino plays the role of college drop-out Earnest Marks, and will also serve as one of the shows main writers and directors. The show is set to premiere this summer.

In October, Gambino appeared on Australian radio station Triple J, where he covered one of his favourite R&B songs, Tamia’s So Into You. The video has since garnered over 2 million views.

Childish Gambino also appeared on friend and past-collaborator Kilo Kish’s new album, Reflections in Real Time. Though he doesn’t have a role outside of a few “yes” and “no” comments in response to Kish’s questions, his presence is still very much felt. Just last week, Gambino posted on his ‘Connect‘ page on Apple Music, urging fans to check out the debut album by Kari Faux, who’s song Gambino remixed on Kauai.

Well, thats it, you’re all caught up on where Childish Gambino has been and what he’s been up to. Surely new music must be on the way soon, right? Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into another Frank Ocean situation.