Where In The World?: MMVA Guests On Their Way To The Big Show


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Stars are coming from far and wide to attend the Much Music Video Awards this year. From Los Angeles and Vancouver, to NYC and just around Toronto, our special guests are taking planes, trains and automobiles to join in on the big party. No one wants MMVA FOMO. We have been following Twitter and Instagram over the past couple of days to find out what they are saying about the big show and where they are in the world.

Check back tomorrow for more updates as the guests arrive in Toronto.

Always Modest Ed Sheeran

Bella Thorne Is Looking For Her Fellow Young Hollywood MMVA Attendees


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Cody Is On His Way After A Big Night

Much Digital Studios Creator Dan Talevski Is Paling Around With Tyler Shaw & Melissa Merk

OMI and MMVA Co-host Liz Trinnear Got Silly On The eTalk Set

We Are Stoked Too Shawn-y

Coolest High School Reunion EVA

We Love Grandpas on Father’s Day!

Grandpa made it in for the MMVAs. I think Lou is pretty excited too

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Francesco Yates Will Grace Us With His Hair

Hailee Steinfeld Has Us Warned

Marianas Trench Are Arriving In Style

Sarah Has Been Here Since Wednesday! Maybe Visiting Her Boo Dominic Sherwood

Shawn Hook Is Spreading The Save Your Screams Message

We Are Pumped For You Tyler Shaw!

Missing Ashley Benson. Get Well Soon!!! Wish You Were Here!