Which Exes Are Back Together On Tonight’s Pretty Little Liars?

PLL 619 Much Promo

On tonight’s brand new episode of Pretty Little Liars, two ex-couples are back together and things are heating up. Literally.

Caleb and Hanna seem to have quickly forgotten that Lucas’ fireplace almost killed Aria and for some reason haven’t unplugged it. Does it even get cold in Rosewood? No one wears anything heavier than a hoody and that’s mostly because they’re a stalker.

Ezra and Aria are of course spending lots of time together working on their book, which causes Ezra to tell Aria she’s ‘a bad influence on him’. That’s either Ezra-flirt, or he’s back to his own stalker ways and is writing a book on Aria. Either way, where Liam at?

The big story on tonight’s episode, airing at 8E/5P on M3, will of course focus on the new ‘A’ in town demanding that the girls hand over Charlotte’s killer before the election. Since ‘A’ usually knows, well, everything, could this mean one of the Liars actually does know who killed Charlotte?

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