Which Pop Star Was MMVA Performer Alessia Cara’s First Concert?

Alessia First concert

Most of us remember our first concert. It’s a coming of age milestone, like your first real crush, your first time going to the movies without your parents, your first time driving on your own, your first time finding out the fan mail reply you got from NSYNC was written by their assistant…Just us?

Alessia Cara remembers her first concert well, not only because she has a very good memory, but also because she was a little late to the concert game. The Canadian singing sensation made her second appearance on The Tonight Show this month and revealed that her first concert was pretty recent and featured someone we all know well.

Cara’s Belieber status was already well documented thanks to her numerous beautiful covers of the Biebs on her YouTube page, but now that we know Justin was also Alessia’s first concert, we’re demanding a duet. It’s their national duty.

Don’t miss Alessia Cara perform along with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Nick Jonas at the 2016 iHeartRadio MMVAs on Sunday, June 19. Watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Monday to Friday at 11:30E on CTV Two and catch repeats weekdays at 4E/1P on Much.