Who Did Sia Write Her New Track ‘Unstoppable’ For?

Sia Unstoppable Much

Sia is continuing to release tracks from her upcoming January 29 album This Is Acting and today surprised fans with the track Unstoppable.

The empowering pop tune, which grows from a dark, slow pace to an emotionally charged performance, showcases Sia’s impressive vocal range and penchant for EDM beats.

Unstoppable is part of Sia’s upcoming seventh studio album This Is Acting, which is comprised of songs Sia wrote for other artists. So far Sia has revealed who all of her This Is Acting songs were initially intended for, including Rihanna, Adele and Beyoncé. But what about Unstoppable?

We’re getting some serious Demi Lovato Confident-vibes on the new song and even Kelly Clarkson. We could also see this as a possible Beyoncé banger, especially considering the fact that if there is one artist in the music industry who could be labeled as unstoppable, it’s Ms. Knowles.

Sia co-wrote Unstoppable with Christopher Braide, who has worked with many artists, including Beyoncé (ding ding!) and Selena Gomez.