Who Is This BØRNS That Taylor Swift Loves So Much?


Tue, January, 20 by


At around 9:00pm last night, Taylor Swift opened up her Instagram and posted a screen shot of a song she was listening to called “Electric Love” by BØRNS.

The caption read, “So ‘Electric Love’ by Børns sounds like an instant classic to me….. #justsayingggg @garrettborns”. Since then, 572,000 people have liked her post. But who is this BØRNS and why did he get the Swift Bump?

As of writing this blog he has 13,547 Facebook likes, 6,151 Twitter followers and 5,660 Instagram followers. Sure that is more than your average Joe but relatively small for a musician that Taylor Swift has her eye on. So what’s the deal?

BØRNS is 23-year-old Garrett Borns. He made his television debut on Conan on January 6, has popped up on a few “Ones To Watch” lists and is sitting at #16 on Billboard’s Trending 140 list.

He now lives in Los Angeles, but grew up in Michigan where he was a paid musician by the time he was ten. He then spent some time in New York before hitting the west coast a year and a half ago. “I came out here on a whim to clear my head, write music and meet some people. I gave myself a month to do that and that turned into a few more months,” he told LA Weekly, who called him, “an accomplished showman, poised to become a bona fide star.”

The Swift approved jam “Electric Love” is off of his first EP, Candy which also features his first single, “10,000 Emerald Pools.” The video for that song had him immersed upside in a pool, which he said was “probably one of the most taxing physically and mentally shoots I’ve ever done.”

He told the Urban Outfitters blog that he loves NSYNC and Backstreet Boys. “When you’re just listening to them you don’t really think about it, but when you pick them apart and think about how the melodies and lyrics are all strung together with the chord progressions, they’re really brilliant songs,” he said. But don’t be fooled. His music does not sound like them.

He also really likes sweet potatoes.

Keep an eye on this dude. T-Swift definitely is not wrong about him.