Who Said It Quiz: Kanye West Or Broad City’s Ilana?

Kanye Or Ilana

When it comes to outrageous comments, there are many different categories.

There’s loloutrageous comments, like the sprinkling of delightful truth bombs dropped by our Broad City kween Ilana, played by the hilarious Ilana Glazer.

There’s the ‘is he serious?’ outrageous tweet comments, courtesy of the one and only @KanyeWest.

And then there’s all the political stuff going down in the US. We’re not even going to touch those outrageous comments. The fall into the ‘terrifying’ category.

With regards to the first two categories, sometimes telling the difference between Glazer’s on-screen alter ego and her penchant for peen can be difficult to distinguish from the world’s most famous rapper with the most famous Twitter page.

Can you tell a Kanye West tweet from an Ilana quote from an episode of Broad City? It’s harder than you think.

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