7 Actors We Want To See As Kim Possible

What’s the sitch? With the recent announcement that Disney’s Kim Possible is (finally) going to be made into a live-action film, we immediately thought about who would be perfect to play one of the most bad-ass female characters of our childhood. Although we have yet to receive news about the actual plot of the film itself, fans are already speaking up about who they’d want to see play Kimmy P.

Kim Possible is your just your average girl with a whole lot of courage and bravery. Taking on the role alongside Kim, with Ron Stoppable, Rufus and Wade won’t be an easy task. Here’s who we’d like to see as one of our favourite Disney characters:


Madelaine Petsch

You might know Petsch as one of Riverdale’s finest, Cheryl Blossom. With her wit and wicked attitude, plus her added confidence, she would make for a real-life Kim Possible we didn’t know could exist. Despite her evil persona and her mysterious portrayal as Cheryl, we know she has a humorous side to her too. We aren’t the only ones calling for this casting—there’s nothing more that would make the fans happier than seeing Petsch save the world from supervillains. And as an added bonus, we’ve already seen her as a cheerleader, so we know she’s going to slay.



Forget the average Kim Possible. Zendaya is that calm, cool, collected, well-spoken gal that’s up for any challenge. From being a child model, to playing characters on Disney, and being a part of two of 2017’s biggest films (Spider-Man: Homecoming and The Greatest Showman), Zendaya’s ultimate cool-girl persona would be fitting to play a modern Kim Possible, while still remaining true to the original character. Also…have you seen Zendaya’s Instagram? Let’s talk about how good she would look in the classic KP uniform. Get it girl!


Meg Donnelly

Known for her performance in American Housewife and The Broken Ones, Donnelly’s roles always portray a woman who is nothing short of courageous and full of humour. She’d be a perfect KP because she’s already got the tone, the right attitude, and the sass to give Ron Stoppable.


Willow Smith

Despite her young age and the typical Kim Possible expectations that come with casting, we’d like to see Willow Smith in this role. What’s better than a girl like Smith who’s all about female empowerment and has a voice that demands to be heard? Though she hasn’t had many new projects since her last tour, she’d be an outstanding version of Kim Possible with her attitude, confidence, and killer looks when it comes to handling trouble and defeating the bad guys.


Shailene Woodley

You’ve already seen her in the Divergent series, so there’s no doubt Woodley would make for a classic Kim Possible who’s ready to save the world. But if she isn’t right for Kim, let’s not forget about Ron Stoppable, her on-screen sidekick. We wouldn’t mind Woodley flipping Ron into Rhonda and locking in this role.


Sadie Sink

Though she may be younger than most of our nominees, Max’s character in Stranger Things showcases her bravery and determination. Through the series, she remained tough, confident, and unafraid of speaking her mind. With all these qualities KP clearly possesses, we’ve added her to our list of nominees as a potential candidate to play the heroic Kim Possible herself. After seeing her play Mad Max, who else is going to have the guts to fight Shego?


Sabrina Carpenter

At the prime age of 18, Carpenter is an actor, a singer-songwriter, and overall a multi-talented gal who fans seem to love. Her recurring role in The Goodwin Games as the young Chloe Goodwin, and performance as Maya Hart in the Disney Channel series Girl Meets World showed us a perfect match for KP. With lighthearted humor and a bubbly personality, Carpenter is still an empowered artist who just knows what she wants—and KP knows exactly what she wants. And it’s usually nachos.