Who’s More Drunk In Love: Beyoncé And Jay Z OR Lil Wayne and Christina Milian?


Thu, January, 22 by

This week, Lil Wayne returned with his Sorry 4 the Wait 2 mixtape, which featured a remix of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s hit Drunk In Love. The new version replaces Bey and Jay’s loving exchanges with verses by Wayne and his rumoured girlfriend Christina Milian. Let’s just say the internet wasn’t crazy about this. But we were still curious to see how the two stack up against each other.

Listen to both versions below and then hop over to see as we debate the many differing aspects of the hit song in our seven intense rounds of debate.

Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Drunk In Love


Lil Wayne and Christina Milian’s Drunk In Love [Warning: Contains EXTREMELY sexual content.]

Round One: Opening lines
Whereas Beyoncé slowly builds up the night of drunken love and debauchery, Lil Wayne jumps right into it with lyrics we’re pretty certain we can’t write in this blog (just listen to the song). Wayne literally has no chill. He’s more interested in the love than the drunk (he even says later on, “I don’t even drink, I just be on that drank.”).

Winner: Beyoncé and Jay Z


Round Two: How in love are you?
Bey and Jay have been married for almost seven years now, becoming one of the most beloved couples in music. Heck, we love them so much that we spent an entire year following/worrying about the state of their relationship amid rumours of infidelity and divorce. Thankfully, they’re still together and stronger than ever. Lil Wayne and Christina Milian, however, are only rumoured to be together and have remained very private about this. Could this song be their big statement as a couple, though?

Winner: Beyoncé and Jay Z


Round Three: How drunk are you?
If we must compare the drunk level of each song, Bey and Jay’s version is like a happy buzz wherein you spend the night being playful and flirty with your bae. You’re not entirely drunk, but you feel dizzy and when you look over at your love, you see stars around him/her and think, “Wow, I’m totally in love.” Lil Wayne and Christina Milian’s version, on the other hand, is straight-up trashed. Like, so drunk that you’ll shout “TIME TO GET IT ON!” in all seriousness to your bae and then stumble home and maybe make it through the door before tearing each other’s clothes off. Sloppy drunk.

Winner: Beyoncé and Jay Z


Round Four: Mode of transportation
It’s Beyoncé’s surfboard versus Christina’s skateboard (because Lil Wayne’s a skateboarder, duh). To be fair, skateboards are more accessible and easier to learn, but Bey really turns the phrase into a powerful and sexy term that can now be spelled in numerous ways. It’s easy to own a skateboard, but Beyoncé OWNS the world surfboard now.

Winner: Beyoncé and Jay Z (Are you noticing the pattern yet?)


Round Five: Lyrics
Look, Jay Z almost single-handedly sunk this song with that ridiculous verse of his (IKE AND TINA, REALLY?), but let’s examine Lil Wayne and Christina Milian’s lyrics, shall we? It’s all p*ssy this, f–k that…it’s too much. Where’s the romance, guys? We don’t need to see the dirty sexts you two send each other.

Winner: You know.


Round Six: Sing off
No contest.

Winner: Queen Bey


Round Seven: Rap battle
This is tough, seeing as how Jay hasn’t been on his game for quite some time, but even in this mess of a match, we’ve gotta give it to Mr. Beyoncé.

Winner: Jay Z