Why Beyoncé’s Vogue Cover Is Different From All Other Magazine Covers


Thu, August, 20 by


Gracing the cover of a magazine is not all glitz and glamour. Sure, you get to pose in gorgeous couture and get airbrushed to perfection (pft), but most celebs have to also participate in an extensive interview. But Beyoncé is not like most celebs. For her latest September cover of Vogue, she didn’t say a word.


Beyoncé doesn’t even speak in the video promo for the issue:

Instead, the fashion spread is accompanied by a small piece written by Pulitzer Prize-winner Margo Jefferson, explaining why Beyoncé is a big deal. In the past five years of Vogue covers, this is the first time the cover subject has not given an interview. Whether you deem that as a boss b*tch move or just a celebrity being difficult, it is a remarkable feat. (To be fair, we think it’s a pretty boss move to demand a cover and do it on her own terms, i.e. not have to give an interview.)

It’s been a while since Bey has given an interview in general, actually. The pop star has opted to release statements in many other ways including Instagram posts, planned TV segments or in the form of a documentary; all done in a very controlled and calculated manner.

What do you think? Should she have given an interview to Vogue, or does she have the right to cover a magazine without giving out an interview? Share you thoughts with us below in the comments or @Much!

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