Why Did July Talk Call Arkells’ Max Kerman The ‘Mayor of Hamilton’?


Wed, March, 25 by


We hit up the Juno Awards red carpet earlier this month and our very own Liz Trinnear got to chat up some of Canada’s biggest stars including Alanis Morissette, Sam Roberts Band and Lights. When Arkells frontman Max Kerman stopped by to talk to us, we had to ask him about something July Talk told us: that Kerman is apparently the ‘Mayor of Hamilton’? We needed Kerman to spill the beans on this fancy title and trust us, the story didn’t disappoint!

Apparently, after the Juno Gala Dinner, July Talk’s Peter Dreimanis and Leah Fay were looking for some late-night eats and, being the Hamilton native, Kerman made an offer they couldn’t refuse. Kerman went to a Burrito Boys, got himself a snack but also paid for two more burritos for Dreimanis and Fay to pick up later and — TA-DAH! — Kerman’s generosity transformed him into a mayor! “They’re just excited for burritos, really,” Kerman told us, on the red carpet. So there you have it: if you need burritos in Hamilton, Max Kerman is your man.

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