Why We Don’t Accept Natalia Kills And Willy Moon’s Apologies


Thu, March, 19 by

As you may have heard, X Factor New Zealand fired two of its judges this week, Natalia Kills and Willy Moon, after the two bullied contestant Joe Irvine following his live performance on Sunday night. Kills called Irvine a doppelgänger who copied her husband, Moon, and went on to say that she was disgusted by him. Moon echoed Kills’ comments and went a step further by comparing Irvine to Psycho‘s Norman Bates. “It’s just a little bit creepy,” he said on the show. “I feel like you’re going to stitch someone’s skin to your face and then kill everyone in the audience.”

It’s quite obvious why these two were immediately removed from the show following that incident, with many on the internet calling the two judges out for bullying and even not being very original themselves. After all, Kills pretty much called Irvine out because he was dressed like her husband. She never said anything about his singing and, well, X Factor is a singing competition.

After several days of silence from both Kills and Moon, the two released public statements on Twitter last night, both noting that their comments were the results of pressure from the show to be “outspoken” and “forthright”. You can read the full statements below:

Well let’s start with the obvious: neither of them actually said they were sorry. Those words weren’t used and quite strategically too, hinting that they probably still stand by their opinions (which is what Kills’ spokesperson told The Mirror this week). So, um, guess there’s no apology to really reject. But we can reject your excuses.

To place the blame on the behind-the-scenes politics of a reality show is the most transparent excuse we’ve ever seen. Sure, Kills and Moon were most likely encouraged to be truthful and constructive to contestants because they’re trusted experts — or so someone on X Factor thought when they hired them — but that doesn’t give them license to verbally abuse contestants, which was what they did on Sunday night. There was nothing constructive about their comments, it was pure hatred and not from a place of critique. Reality show producers didn’t tell you to hurl hate at people, you two did that all on your own. Surely reading the various posts calling you out on your own unoriginality is a healthy dose of your own medicine right now. You two really need it.

Natalia Kills and Willy Moon let their comments go too far and they can only blame themselves for that because I highly doubt producers were standing next to them shouting: “BE MEANER.” Sure, taking responsibility for those comments and acknowledging that they hurt Irvine’s feelings is a good start, but that doesn’t exempt you. At the end of the day, you revealed to millions of people everywhere that you are mean-spirited human beings who have a very distorted ego and until you admit that it was 100% your fault and truly say that you’re sorry, you’ve just solidified yourselves as music’s biggest losers. And, okay, I’ll say it: YOU don’t possess any X Factor.