Will Butler Reveals How He Accidently Made His Latest Music Video


Wed, April, 8 by


Fresh off of Arcade Fire’s latest megatour, Will Butler is back with his first solo album Policy. And it is so, so good. We can often be found dancing in our seats to “Take My Side” and “What I Want”. He has long being the jumper cable to Arcade Fire and Will brings that same energy to his new music, his live performances and the latest video, “Anna.”

“I thought I would do a dance video. I thought, ‘Oh I’ll just do a lyric video for “Anna” and I”ll put myself dancing in it and I guess now it’s just a video,'” he told us when he came through Much earlier this month.

As far as the sound of the album, he wanted it to be above all, danceable.

“To me it’s just if it’s good. And The Clash is danceable and political. And the Violent Femmes isn’t super political but it is of a place. You get to see the people and dance to it,” he said. “I think people should be able to engage with music on it’s own terms and ignore the words. That’s the beauty of music.”

He also revealed that he is a big Broad City fan and watches it on Much.ca. Which you can also do here.

Watch more from the interview below:

You can also watch his video for “Anna” here:

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