Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart Will Have A Tough Time Getting This Stuff Into Prison


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Get Hard has made a big impact in the comedy world since it hit theatres last month. How could it not when it has Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart as the stars? When Will’s character James learns he is going to prison in 30 days, he turns to the man who runs the parking garage under his office, Kevin’s character Darnell, to help him prepare for time on the inside.

Not a situation anyone would want to find themselves in. But can you blame a man for wanting to be ready for anything? So when Liz caught up with Kevin and Will in Los Angeles recently, she wanted to find out what they would try to smuggle in to jail if they had to.

“My bible,” Will quickly answered. “They can give you those in prison,” Kevin clarified. “Oh, nevermind then,” Will retracted.

Kevin’s first pick was a little more show-y. “I’m going to try to bring in my Jordans. Just a pair of Jordans just so when I walk on the basketball court everybody is like, ‘Woah, woah, how did you get those?

But they didn’t stop there. “You know what I think I would try to smuggle in, it would be hard to, but like a really mangy ferocious dog from the pound,” Will said.

“I know what I want,” Kevin chimed in. “I’m going to try and smuggle in a Bugatti. I will just have it parked outside my cell. Right outside my cell. ‘Hey guard! Tell them to stay away from my Bugatti!'”

Check out more from the interview including details about their improvising process and what food nickname they would give Liz.

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Get Hard is in theatres now. Check out the trailer below: