Watch Will Ferrell And Ryan Gosling Try To Sell Knives In This Hilarious Video

Knife Guys

Celebrities have been selling their goods on the home shopping channel for years. From Serena Williams’ clothing line to Queen Latifah’s fragrance to Dita Von Teese’s lingerie to Keith Urban’s guitars, it seemed like the celebrity market was already saturated. Or was it?

The Knife Guys, comprised of movie stars Will Ferrell and Ryan Gosling, took a break from their hugely successful Costco Tour last night to shoot a new QVC segment. Too bad their studio time was double booked with a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Well, too bad for them. Hilarious for us.

Watch as Ferrell and Gosling, the latter of which coincidentally stars in the new film The Nice Guys, showcase their impressive state of the art steel at rock bottom prices, including the gold Trump set that is perfect for hacking away at Republican nominee Donald Trump’s famous steaks. Let’s make steak great again!

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