Will Smith Officially Declares ‘Summertime’ On ‘Colbert’

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

It seems like Will Smith misses his former rap career as much as we do. Last night, the actor appeared on The Late Show to promote the upcoming film, Suicide Squad, but somehow ended up throwing it back to 1991 with an impromptu performance of “Summertime.”

Proving to still be one of the most charismatic actors in the industry, Smith leaped out of his seat and sprung into the first verse of the DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince hit as soon as Colbert’s band started playing the smooth instrumental. Forgot what it was like to hear Will Smith rap and sing live? Press play to see the performance that got the Colbert crowd out of their seats.

Along with presenting a groove that was slightly transformed, Smith laid down alongside Colbert to ponder the late night life questions we all have from time to time. With all of life’s technological advancements, how long do you think humans will be able to live for in 200 years? Does free will exist? And when a stranger accidentally calls you, do you ever think about how your short interaction will be the last time you ever speak to them?

Get ready to question your existence with Smith in Colbert’s latest segment of “Big Questions with Even Bigger Stars.”