Would You Pay $2 To See Ed Sheeran In A Peep Show?

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Ed Sheeran is many things. Grammy nominated artist. Critically and commercially acclaimed singer and songwriter. Co-host of the 2015 MMVAs. Tattoo enthusiast. Bestie of Taylor Swift. Most famous male ginger.

In addition to all these attributes, Ed is also a really good sport.

Sheeran recently agreed to perform in a peep show for the Australia DJ duo of Hamish and Andy. For only $2, people could hear Ed play one of his songs for 30 seconds. A private show with one of the world’s biggest artists playing five feet away? Where do we line up?

Apparently we can line up anywhere, because when you advertise a peep show, no one is coming, even if it’s starring Ed Sheeran.

Peep Picture

After two and a half hours, Sheeran finally got his first paying customers. Business picked up after that, with about five guests in five hours.

Sheeran wasn’t willing to go naked as in the traditional peep show experience, because as he said, “I’m in shape, it’s just the shape of a potato.”

We don’t want to say that we’re going to be checking out peep shows after this video…but we probably are.