Paris Hilton Is Remixing Our Favourite Song

Juicy sweat suits, pink cellphones and tinted sunglasses—it’s official, the 2000s are cool again. Which is why it makes sense that Paris Hilton, aka heiress to the 00s, is remixing our favourite pop beach anthem: her own track, “Stars Are Blind.”

Back in 2006, Hilton dropped the debut single from Paris, and earlier this week, she announced on Twitter that she was working on a 2017 version of the hit song.

What does a 2017 makeover look like for the track? We can only imagine but our best guesses include a fresh feminist standpoint, a beat drop and possibly a Chainsmokers feature.

Drawing inspiration from reggaeton and contemporary R&B, “Stars Are Blind” debuted at no. 18 on the Billboard charts, but went on to be fondly remembered as an iconic pop hit by both fans and artists, with Lady Gaga praising the track and Charli XCX citing it as a major source of inspiration.

Aside from her budding career as a DJ, Hilton also recently made music news for appearing in Demi Lovato’s video for her latest single, “Sorry Not Sorry.”