Yes, That Justin Bieber/Calvin Klein Ad Was Hella Photoshopped


Fri, January, 9 by

This really doesn’t come as a surprise because, well it’s the fashion and celeb industry, but Justin Bieber’s new Calvin Klein ads are indeed Photoshopped. Today, an image leaked online showing the original photo of Bieber’s sexy underwear shoot and there were some notable differences between the original and the final ad.

Take a look below and see the five biggest (and we mean big) differences between the original and the final versions of Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein ad:

1. Did they shrink his head? Why?
2. They definitely buffed Bieber up with bigger biceps and pecks.
3. Speaking of making things look bigger…
4. Oh, they also buffed up his skinny legs.
5. And last but not least: Someone has a bigger booty now. Watch out, J.Lo!