You Gotta Hear Purity Ring’s Remix Of Katy Perry’s ‘Rise’

Katy Perry Rise Remix

Katy Perry may never been an Olympic athlete, but being one of the biggest popstars in the world isn’t too shabby. It’s been three years since Perry released her fourth studio album Prism and while the summer games didn’t get us any closer to a new album from Perry, it did give us a new song.

“Rise” was used as the official anthem for the American Olympic team, getting Perry back in the studio and on set for her high-flying accompanying video.

Now Perry has released a three-song EP of remixes for “Rise” and we can’t help but notice that a submission from Canadian electro-pop group Purity Ring. It may even be, dare we say, better than the original.


The duo create a radio-ready, synth-lover’s dream with their remix, adding the very ‘in’ trop-house sound effects that everyone from Justin Bieber to Britney Spears have been using this year.

In stripping down the single, Purity Ring’s version maintains Perry’s motivational lyrics while removing some of the after-school special aspects.

In addition to Purity Ring, the new EP also features remixes from Monsieur Adi and TĀLĀ.

Of course, the next question is–when are we going to get a new, full length album from Perry? In the meantime, we’ll just keep listening to “Rise,” remixes included.