You Won’t Believe How Many Of Your Fave Stars Were Once on Seinfeld


Is there anything better in the world than sitting down to watch back to back episodes of Seinfeld? No there is not. Although it is probably tied with watching back to back episode of The Simpsons.

It is so comforting to hear the same jokes that you know, to be surprised by jokes you didn’t get before and to see Kramer come through that apartment door again and again. And, that rare moment where you stumble upon an episode you have never seen? There is no joy quite like that. This probably sounds ridiculous but if you know what we mean, you so so know what we mean.

Now, you will soon be able to watch every episode on demand as part of Bell Media’s new subscription video on demand service, code-named Project Latte. From “The Contest” (ahem) to “The Parking Garage” to “The Finale”, they’ve got them all.


Of course the show made stars out of the likes of Jerry Seinfeld and the greatest comedian of our time Julia Louis-Dreyfus, but there were a ton of present day stars that had cameos on the show just as they were breaking in to fame.

Check out our list of the best “Before They Were Famous” cameos to watch out for in Seinfeld.

Sarah Silverman

There could be a whole subgenre of guest stars who played Jerry’s girlfriends. There are a few in the list below. But Sarah Silverman, true to her quirk, played Kramer’s girlfriend Emily in one episode in season 8 of Seinfeld. The problem is that she has “Jimmy legs” that keep Kramer up at night. They end up sleeping in the Costanza’s twins beds to get a good night sleep.

Bryan Cranston


Bryan’s dentist character is probably one of the most memorable. He plays Jerry’s dentist who wants to be a comedian. He converts to Judaism, which Jerry thinks he does just for the jokes. He also briefly dated Elaine as recreated in the greatest moment in awards show history:


Jeremy Piven


Barely recognise Jeremy Piven in that picture? It is because in Seinfeld, he plays an actor hired to play the role of George in Jerry and George’s pilot. Who knew you could make Piven look so much like Jason Alexander. The character was so much like George that he even had a nervous attack before the pilot was filmed.

Patton Oswalt


Patton Oswalt may be one of the most popular comedians in 2014, but when he popped up on Seinfeld he was a lowly video store clerk. George is dying to rent a movie from the store Patton works at and demands that he call up the people who had rented and not returned it.

Bob Odenkirk


The second of three future Breaking Bad stars on this list, the guy we know as sleazy lawyer Saul, Bob Odenkirk played one of Elaine’s beaus, a man who is just about to become a doctor. He actually has a pretty impressive comedic pedigree, Saturday Night Live and Mr. Show, so it is no surprise that he made an appearance on Seinfeld. Call us crazy but he looks pretty handsome in an Elvis Costello way in this role.

Anna Gunn


The third Breaking Bad cast member and first Jerry girlfriend on this list, Anna Gunn played Amy in the episode “The Glasses”. George thinks he sees Amy making out with Jerry’s cousin when he isn’t wearing his glasses. Jerry decides to set up a meeting between Amy and his cousin to see if they know each other but it turned out that George was wrong. They broke up. Obvs.

Amanda Peet


Amanda Peet is a great actress. She also has a great husband in real life, David Benioff, the co-creator of the Game of Thrones television series. We just like to mention that whenever possible. Anyway. On Seinfeld, Amanda played Linette, Jerry’s busy girlfriend whose whirlwind lifestyle causes Jerry to appoint George as his dating assistant. He effs up. Jerry and Linette break-up.

Denise Richards


Denise Richards appears in one of our favourite episodes of Seinfeld, “The Shoes”. In it, she plays Molly, the daughter of the television executive George and Jerry are trying to pitch their show to. The executive shuts it all down after he catches George staring at Molly’s cleavage. But, to get him back on board, they trick him in to staring at Elaine’s cleavage at dinner proving that no man can ignore such an opportunity.

Drake Bell


Nickelodeon star Drake Bell made a very quick appearance in the Seinfeld episode, “The Frogger”. George returns to the pizza place with a Frogger game that he got a high score on when he was a kid. Drake Bell is the kid playing the game who George makes lose so he can look at the leader board. George ends up buying the machine, tries to maneuver it through traffic (like Frogger) where it inevitably gets run over.

Jon Favreau


This is also such a great episode. You probably wouldn’t even recognise Jon Favreau in this episode even if you were looking for him. He plays Eric the Clown, a children’s entertainer George hires for his girlfriend’s kid’s birthday. Of course, he and George don’t get along and when a potential fire breaks out, George flees the scene pushing people out of the way. Eric the Clown on the other hand remains calm and figures out the smoke is just burning hamburgers.

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