You Won’t Believe Who Echosmith Thinks Is Cooler Than Riff Raff


Echosmith has a hit song, “Cool Kids”. And with a hit song comes the chance to met some of the pop world’s, well, cool kids. When they came by Much recently, Liz found out about some of their most memorable celeb encounters. And what stands out to them? A run in with America’s most famous weather man.

“We met Al Roker. That was pretty cool. Greatest man on earth besides Riff Raff,” brothers Noah and Jamie Sierota said. “We haven’t met Riff Raff yet. So it’s Al Roker then Riff Raff.”

But just because they haven’t met Riff Raff, doesn’t mean he doesn’t know who they are. He posted a Vine of him singing along to their song. “I got all these Tweets from people they were saying like, ‘Riff Raff is singing your song.’ I’m like hold up,” Noah said. “I first had to look up who Riff Raff was and then I found out who he was and then I was super excited”

Maybe he heard about them from his MTV Video Music Awards date, Katy Perry, lead singer Sydney Sierota’s favourite celeb run in. “I even ran in to Katy Perry and she already knew our song and quoted it to me and I was like, ‘What? Why? This is so cool!'” she said.

Check out the rest of the interview below where they talk about being cool kids and what it is like being a sibling band.