Young Empires Explain Their New ‘Haute Rock’ Album



Rock and roll and fashion have always gone together like peanut butter and jelly. From Jimi Hendrix and his flowing scarves to Madonna’s bustiers, the two arts are elevated when a musician or a designer use the other as a compliment piece.

One band that definitely sees the fun in fashion is Toronto trio Young Empires. The group has just released their new album The Gates, describing it as a ‘haute rock’ record. “I see our music as something no one else can copy, so it’s the same as fashion and haute couture,” explains drummer Taylor Hill.

The group, made of Hill, bassist Jacob Palahnuk and singer Matthew Vlahovich, have always loved combining fashion and music, whether it’s their on-stage look or how they approach their time in the studio.

While chatting with Gaby Henderson, the band also talked about their spirituality of their new music, including what many viewed as a religious-centric music video. But before there’s a music video, there needs to be a record.

What was the most difficult aspect of making the album? “I think it’s an honest record” says Vlahovich. “For me as a singer, when I have to get up there and sing a line that is about being afraid of vulnerable emotionally, you put a part of your soul out into the crowd and it’s kind of a strange feeling.”