Young People! Here Are Things You Already Know About Missy Elliott

Last night’s Super Bowl brought up many questions. Who is left shark and how did he just steal the show? Why didn’t they pass the ball to Beast Mode? Did Katy Perry purposely ride the “The More You Know” star? And who is Missy Elliott?

That’s right, there are some young people who have grown up during a period where Missy Elliott didn’t rule the radio. This is shocking and upsetting and something we must act on immediately before these young lives are lost forever.

Attention Young People! You already have a basic idea of who Missy Elliot is. Think of her music like watching Casablanca for the first time and realizing that every movie and TV show references it in some way. That’s the equivalent of Missy’s musical impact.

Remember that time on Broad City when Abbi made $8,000 and went to the bank in a giant garbage bag? That was because of Missy.

How about when Drake released Enough Said with Aaliyah? Many of Aaliyah’s hits were thanks to her collaborations with Missy Elliott.

Young folks love remixes right? Cool beans, cool beans. Missy ‘Misdemeanour’ Elliott laid down heat on the remix to MIA’s Bad Girls. Anything yet?

Maybe Lena Dunham’s Hanna dropping a Missy line in a break up scene with Donald Glover during Girls will jog your memory?

Okay, you’ll totally remember this. When we first meet The Plastics in Mean Girls there is a killer song playing called Pass That Dutch. That’s Missy!

Phew! Glad we got that sorted. Now please spend the rest of the night watching videos by the one and only Missy Elliott.