Your Guide to Getting The Most Out of Your Leftover Halloween Candy

It’s a tough day for the calendar. We are now just under a year away from the next Halloween. Let’s all take a moment to remember the hours we spent on our costumes, the candy we nom’d, the lies we told when we said we totally weren’t scared about a haunted house maze.

Hopefully you planned ahead and still have tons of leftover candy. Whether you over-bought, turned off the lights and pretended to not be home when trick or treaters rang your bell, or got your game face on and scored some sweet deals on discount candy this weekend, we commend you. The zombie apocalypse could happen any time and you need to be ready with candy rations.

Impending apocalypse aside, you may have woken up this morning, got ready for work, and realized that having candy for breakfast on the weekend is very different from having candy for breakfast on Monday, because you’re an adult and shit. So, what to do with all this leftover Halloween candy if it’s not replacing your daily morning meal?

You can share it with your co-workers.

You can give it to kids in the neighborhood so you won’t be tempted to eat it.

You could just throw it in the garbage.

Jk, jk, time for real suggestions. Need portion control? Put your candy in the freezer.

Get a friend to hide your candy around your house, ensuring sweet (and possibly melty/messy/sticky/gooey) surprises all year.

Test your self-control by rationing out once piece of candy per day. This one is suuuuuper hard.

Have a candy swap with other sugar-loving friends. It’s like a clothing swap, except everyone throws their candy on a table and takes their faves.

Make candy the focal point of your next dessert. Do you know how many kinds of cakes you can make with Kit Kats? These chefs deserve the cooking equivalent to the Noble Peace Prize. This cake could end wars.

Throw it all together and make a giant, super unhealthy trail mix.

Buy a piñata, fill ‘er up and have a party.

Whatever you do, enjoy dat can-dee. It’s four months until discount Valentine’s Day chocolates, y’all.