Zac Efron Is The Master Of Egg Russian Roulette


Tue, August, 18 by


While most celebs who go on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon don’t question the random games they have to play, last night’s guest Zac Efron was quick to realize the flaw in the popular Egg Russian Roulette. Upon picking up the first egg, which will either be hard-boiled or raw, he found it abundantly clear that you can tell whether or not it’s raw.

“You can kinda tell,” Efron says, after picking up his first egg. “Nope, you can’t tell,” Fallon responds, jokingly. Of course, that doesn’t entirely ruin the game because you can’t tell by just looking, but it does ruin the suspense a little, right? “You’ve just gotta go with it,” Fallon continues.

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