Your Song Of The Summer—Based On Your Zodiac Sign


It can be hard and straight up confusing to find a song that really speaks to you this summer, as our ears continue to be saturated with great music. This year, songs by Rihanna, Drake and Desiigner have been jumping in and out of the number one spot, which leads us to ask: could there be more than one summer jam this year?

As we all have different tastes, that one song may be different for you than it is for your bestie. Active Aries wants something upbeat that they can work out to, while mellow Scorpio wants something emotional and brooding. Instead of searching through a bunch songs to find that one special anthem for the coming months, here’s a shortcut to finding your summer jam, catered to your zodiac sign.


“#UNLESHED” – Lady Leshurr

Confident, honest and courageous, Aries are anything but shy. Nobody wants to mess with an Aries because they aren’t afraid to unleash some truth. Aries, don’t be afraid to show your fierce attitude this summer. All your friends love your upfront and straightforward attitude. Save the passive aggressiveness for the other signs.


“No Money” – Galantis

There’s nothing a Taurus likes more than the finer things in life. The only thing missing from their dream life is the money to obtain it. Let’s be real, Taurus, financial insecurity isn’t fun for anyone, especially a lavish sign like you.


“Cheap Thrills” – Sia

As long as there’s good music, Geminis will be the first on the dance floor. They live for cheap thrills, as money is the least of their worries when the bass is bumping. Gemini, you’ll be on everyone’s invite list this summer because there’s no such thing as a pool party without you there to get it started.


“Too Good” – Drake ft. Rihanna

Cancers are one of the most loyal signs in the Zodiac, though they will reach a point where they can’t hold on any longer and realize their emotions are being taken for granted. Enjoy a single summer, Cancer, because if your strong intuition says your too good for someone, you probably are.


“Can’t Stop The Feeling” – Justin Timberlake

Always warm, outgoing and happy-go-lucky, Leos most likely downloaded this track after the first listen. This is also the perfect song to sing at karaoke, where friends can cheer them on like the royalty they are. Better yet, find a karaoke bar that has an open street view so you can really put on a good show.


“Needed Me” – Rihanna

Virgos live for independence, so it’s unlikely they ever needed anyone in their life. You tend to overthink, Virgo, but you’re very practical and know you don’t need anyone who is going to take advantage of your desire to make other people happy. This summer, make time to focus on your contentment.


“In Common” – Alicia Keys

What makes Libras so popular is they always find a middle ground with every person they meet. Just like this song, they have no problem seeing both sides of an issue while maintaining harmony. Here’s the perfect song for your lazy Sunday morning, Libra. Or every morning, because relaxation is your favourite pastime.


“Cider” – Ramriddlz

Sensual, passionate and suave, there’s no denying Scorpios can seduce any person that crosses their path. Their calm and cold demeanour gives them a mysterious persona, which makes them irresistible to a potential mate. Scorpio, you know when you sing this song, it’s not a threat—it’s a promise. You’ll have no problem bringing the heat in your relationship this summer.


“River” – Bishop Briggs

Just like a river, Sagittarius’ go through great lengths—sometimes around the world—to reach their goal. No one can tell them they can’t, because Sagittarius’ relish in their own optimism. For you, Sagittarius, this is the summer to run free like a river and take that road trip you’ve always dreamed of.


“Smoke Break” – Chance The Rapper feat. Future

Always the hard worker, sometimes Capricorns just need a smoke break. Not only from their actual job, but from their day-to-day, too. There’s nothing wrong with being responsible and disciplined, and the world needs people like you, Capricorn, but don’t be afraid to let your hair down and enjoy the good weather.


“Numb & Getting Colder” – Flume

Aquariuses aren’t ones to openly show emotion. They’d much rather tell you how they feel in a subtle way, like by making a mixtape of underground artists from Iceland. They don’t mean to always be cold, but this may be exactly what’s needed. Aquarius, don’t be afraid to be cold this summer. Everything needs balance and you just might be the cold yin to someone else’s warm yang.



Being the most selfless of the Zodiac, Pisces give love without expecting anything in return. They also crave music and solitude, so don’t be surprised if they’re day dreaming with headphones on while listening to this song. This is why all your friends love you, Pisces, because you listen and sympathize while also giving space, which is a must when summer flings are in full swing.