Relive Your Childhood With This ‘Zoey 101’ Cast Reunion

Are you ready…to feel the nostalgia of your childhood?

After talks about a Zoey 101 reboot went public, the Internet understandably went crazy. Now there’s even more of a reason to get hyped because some of the former cast had a reunion the other day and it was probably the most exciting thing to come from the show since the time capsule skit they released in 2015.

According to Dan Schneider, the creator of the show, this reunion came to be through him and Sean Flynn, who played our favourite bushy-haired Chase.

“Some Zoey 101 buzz got me talking with my good friend Sean Flynn (“Chase”)… and within about 72 hours, this happened!”

So who made it to the reunion? Chase (Sean Flynn), Logan (Matthew Underwood), Michael (Christopher Massey), Lola (Victoria Justice), Quinn (Erin Sanders), Dustin (Paul Butcher), Mark Del Figgalo (Jack Salvatore Jr.), and Stacey Dillsen (Abby Wilde), along with Schneider. They provided us with an endless amount of photos and videos on their respective social media accounts that remind us why this cast was one of the best of our childhoods.


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This video makes me so happy. Zoey 101 was such a big part of my life & I have memories with these people that will last a lifetime. Reuniting with them all last night was really something special🤗. There were moments where we were all laughing & I would look around at all their faces and just smile. Because it really felt like nothing had changed. Like I was a teenager again filming this show that changed my life & touched so many people. Anyway, I love you guys!!! @mattunderwood @rioflynn @erinzariah @paulbutcher @chrismasseytmb @abbywilde P.S. We missed you @jamielynnspears. See you at the next one 😊❤️ And thank you @danwarp for working your magic & making all this happen!!! Oh and also for seeing little 12 year old me, believing in her & casting her in a show that would change her life. 🙏🏼 More pics to come 😜

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Ugh. This one from the phone of @jacksalvs is just the best of things. #zoey101reunion #zoey101reboot

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“Whatcha thinkin’ about?” -Us

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@victoriajustice @erinzariah @mattunderwood @danwarp @jacksalvs @abbywilde @rioflynn #zoey101 reunion

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If you’re wondering where Jamie Lynn Spears, who played the titular character Zoey, is, she’s currently filming for her new series Sweet Magnolias in Atlanta. But she still joined in the celebration, reposting a video of the cast sending her a message, captioning how sad she is that she missed the reunion and the FaceTime call.  Let’s hope she attends the next reunion (because there has to be more).

After seeing all these posts, we’ve gotten extremely wistful and want to join in the celebrations. Best way to do that? Play the theme song and sing along.